Council Members

Committee Members as of April 2016:


  • Dr. Kathy Sheppard-Jones, University of Kentucky
  • Dr. Gregory Barnes, University of Louisville


  • Amy Cooper-Puckett, Office of Autism
  • Joy Baum, ARC of Warren County Kentucky
  • Mary Karen Stumbo,  Citizen-at-Large
  • Anna Whites, Citizen-at-Large
  • Dr. Allen Brenzel, Dept. Behavioral Health Developmental Intellectual Disabilities
  • Dr. Robert Pennington, University of Louisville
  • Dr. Scott Tomchek, University of Louisville Weisskopf CEC
  •  Melanie Tyner-Wilson, Citizen-at-Large
  • Ben Boggs, Educational Professional Standards Board
  • Lucy Heskins, Department of Public Protection
  • Dr. Gail Williams, University of Louisville Weisskopf CEC
  • Larry Taylor, KY Autism Training Center
  • Dr. Jonathan Campbell, Center for Autism Spectrum Evaluation, Service and Research, UK
  • Jeffery Coles,  Department of Education
  • Tal Curry, Department for Public Health
  • Lynne Flynn, Department for Medicaid Services
  • Eric T. French, II Self-Advocate
  • Paula Goff, Department for Public Health First Steps
  • Jackie Richardson, Commission for Children with Special Healthcare Needs

If you would like to apply to be appointed a council member please visit: