Adolescent and Adult Subcommittee

The Adolescent and Adult Subcommittee’s work has focused on improving services across the life span for autistics and understanding individuals’ needs as they relate to transition from school into adult life and the strengths and challenges in Kentucky to community integration as an adult.  The Subcommittee encourages self-advocate and family participation.  This subcommittee above all others has led in the growth of understanding autism through the perspective of autistics.

Completed Tasks

  • Facilitated the Autism Transition Summit: Focus on Employment on March 10-12, 2020 at Marriot Louisville East.
  • Continued collaboration with ISAW Innovative Supports Employer Training and Employee Support
  • Continued education presentations by self-advocates to subcommittee including “Including autistic people in meetings”, 4/28/20, “Social Model of Disability”, 10/23/20, and “Defining Autism”, 4/30/21.
  • Continued growth in ensuring that the meetings are more accessible and work towards inclusion in terms of verbal, written, and other methods of communication, meeting modalities that are as inclusive as possible, and fostering the “nothing about us, without us.”
  • Updated KYACA webpage Resources Adolescents (14-21) and Resources Adults (21+)
  • Autism Data Workgroup developed Autism Prevalence Infographic October 2020 and assisted with demographic survey for use with Council and subcommittees.
  • Participated in KentuckyWorks project activities including development of Kentucky Checklists for a Bright Future, which include a total of eight (8) one-page checklist of the most important things parents and youth can do to prepare for meaningful employment and financial security at each age.