Adolescent and Adult Subcommittee

Dana Emmitt Hall is the chair of the adolescent/adult subcommittee.

Meetings will be held at the UK HDI Coldstream Office 1525 Bull Lea Suite 160 Lexington KY. Please contact Amy Cooper-Puckett   for Zoom conference line information.

Time: 1:00-3:00pm  EST

Please note: the July 19th meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, August 2nd 1-3 pm at UK HDI, meeting agenda and zoom information will be sent out prior.

A key part of improving services across the life span for individuals with ASD is understanding your or your family member’s  needs as they relate to transition from school into adult life and the strengths and challenges in Kentucky to community integration as an adult.  In 2016 the Adolescent/Adult Subcommittee of the  Advisory Council on Autism Spectrum Disorder developed a  survey to gather feedback from caregivers to tell us what is most important in your life or that of your family member.  The results of the survey are described in the link below.

Completed Work of the Subcommittee