School-Age Subcommittee

The School-Age Subcommittee’s work involves the consideration of issues related to the lives of children and young adults ages five (5) through 21 and their families. Primarily, this subcommittee’s work has focused on the provision of high quality services and programming to facilitate the best potential outcomes for autistics (individuals with autism).


Completed Tasks

  • Created Autism Training Matrix – to embed unified training in other state agencies & serve as a tool for autism resource dissemination and collaboration.
  • Updated KYACA webpage Resources for Children 3-14
  • Hosted Parent Summits from 2015 -2019. The goal of the Parent Summits is to provide parents, caregivers, and self-advocates the opportunity to obtain information on statewide resources, training, and state level agencies.  In addition, the Summit has provided opportunities to network with other parents and regional providers. Due to the pandemic, the April 2020 Parent Summit in Barren River was cancelled and with continued concerns around the pandemic, another in person Parent Summit has not been possible. Currently, KYACA is exploring a virtual Parent Summit option.
  • Established a committee comprised of educators, parents, and autistics to address Language Awareness & Diversity Task. One goal of committee to identify replacement language for the existing functional labels used to categorized (and often limit) individuals with autism (autistics).  Combined efforts with Adolescent & Adult Subcommittee to present Social Model of Disability to administrative educators in an effort to create “culture shift/change”.