New Resource from “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” Milestones in Action Photo and Video Library

Banner Graphic for CDC.GOV Milestones In Action

Milestones in Action is a FREE  image library that features photos and videos of children demonstrating developmental milestones from 2 months to 5 years of age. This tool was created to help parents, early care and education providers, and healthcare providers identify developmental milestones in children and know if there is cause for concern.


  • Free!
  • Shows parents what each milestone looks like
  • Appeals to caregivers with limited literacy skills
  • Great for showing complex milestones
  • No permissions needed to use the  photos and images in this library for educational  or awareness-building purposes


Parents and Caregivers

Use this library as an aid in completing the milestones checklist for your child’s age. To see these photos and videos with milestones checklists, go to


  • Embed and share photos and videos on your website and within presentations
  • Share photos and videos to support information given during trainings
  • Use Milestones in Action to support observations and conversations with parents on age-appropriate milestones
  • Share photos and videos on social media to build community awareness of developmental milestones.

Please explore the Milestones in Action library at